Water Features

Water Features When it comes to water features for gardens and landscapes, Stevens Construction Company can provide professional design and installation. Whether you prefer a pond, a fountain, a modest bird bath, or an elaborate waterfall, we have the skills and capability to make it a reality.

Benefits of Water Features

Water features in and around homes can be very beneficial for a person's well-being and disposition. The mere sight of a water setting can provide tranquility and calmness. The sound of flowing water also has a positive impact and a relaxing effect. Not only your garden or landscape will look great, you and your family, too, will feel great.

In fact, most homeowners in California have, at least, one water feature in their homes. And most of them are installed to improve the ambiance of their outdoors. To further maximize the healing and relaxing effects of these features, the design should be elegant and quality installation is of prime consideration.

Types of Available Water Features

Water Features We provide various types of water features to suit the needs and preferences of our clients in California. Please take a look at some of the popular features to help you choose which one is perfect for your landscape.

  • Ponds. If you want to include a water feature in a landscape where aquatic features can be added, choose ponds. These are best installed in large landscapes. But before installation, we conduct a careful assessment of the entire area so that we can build the right type of pond and identify the perfect location for it. Examples of these are garden ponds and rock ponds.

  • Waterfalls. If you prefer something that features the sound of flowing water, a waterfall would be the best choice. The continuous flow keeps the water clear and suitable for aquatic plants and animals. You can stick to classic designs or choose the contemporary designed waterfalls.

  • Fountains. These are classic water features that can be added to any landscaped area. They require minimal maintenance and can be combined with other types of water features. Fountains are available in various designs, sizes, and materials.

  • Bird Baths. With the hundreds of bird species in California, a bird bath is surely a good choice for your garden. Bird baths are ideal for smaller gardens, but they can also become focal areas in large landscapes.

High Quality and Long-lasting Water Features

Water Features We at Stevens Construction Company are dedicated in providing our clients with the best water features for their properties. With careful planning and creative men, we can always come up with a unique design or concept. These are also installed in strategic locations in your landscape so that their beauty is highlighted.

As professional designers and builders of water features, we always adhere to quality craftsmanship whether it is a simple addition of a fountain or a more complex installation of waterfalls.

If you are residing in San Diego, Spring Valley, Orange County, or in any of the cities or towns within the state of California, call us now. Stevens Construction Company can handle all types of water features for your landscape.