Stone & Veneer

Stone & Veneer If you are looking for decorative coverings for exterior as well as interior walls and surfaces, you've come to the right place. Stevens Construction Company has a team of experts who are trained and experienced in the use and applications of stone & veneer. Whether these are to be installed for residential or commercial purposes, indoors or outdoors, no project is too big or too small for us to handle. We have creative designers who can help create your dream concept for your home and meet your personal preferences.

Varied Choices of Natural Stones

When it comes to natural stone applications, we offer an extensive collection of designs, colors, and styles to choose from. Each stone has passed the meticulous eyes of our expert masons who are also well-trained. They can install and apply these stones with ease and outstanding results. Here is a list of some types of natural stones that we offer:

  • Limestone. This is great for countertops and floors and also come in various colors and textures.
  • Granite. This is a very hard stone that can be used for floors and countertops.
  • Marble. Ideal for floors, mantles, and countertops.
  • Sandstone. This is a popular choice for tiling walls and for frequently used floors.
  • Slate. Although heavy, this durable type of natural stone can be used in most parts of a house. It is also recommended for outdoor areas, such as driveways and decks.

You can ask us about any type of stone you may have in mind, and we will be more than glad to install it in your property.

Durable Veneers

Veneer is a popular type of wall covering. It provides enough protection for a wall's innermost structural element. At Stevens Construction Company, we offer two types of construction veneers:

Stone & Veneer
  • Manufactured veneers. These are usually made with a mold to resemble veneers made of real stone. They come in various shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, all meant to look like the real thing. These are made of aggregates but are designed to be more lightweight and less expensive.

  • Real stone veneers. Made from real stone and weigh more than the manufactured versions. They are more durable and they provide better protection for your walls. Additionally, these are more effective construction materials for insulation. We also prefer the use of thin stone veneer. It provides the same decorative look and protective features, but they are easier to ship, faster to install, and require less maintenance.

Quality Stone & Veneer Products

Whether you are after the warmth, beauty, prestige, or protective qualities that stone & veneer have to offer, we at Stevens Construction Company guarantee to provide you with durable and cost-effective products and services. No matter where you are in California, be it in Chula Vista, Huntington Beach, San Diego, or any other town or city within the state, we will provide you with quality installations.

Need more information or an estimate for your project? Give us a call or visit our office. We also have staffs who can discuss with you the various options for our stone & veneer products and their installation.