CMU Block

When it comes to construction projects, a CMU block is one of the fundamental materials needed. CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) blocks are the common foundation for buildings, walls, and other vertical structures, be it for residential or commercial construction. Stevens Construction Company have well-trained masons and builders who can work on these materials.

CMU Block

CMU Block Applications

There are many uses for the CMU block. Each block is made of cement, aggregates, and water. It is hardened well before it is used to ensure durability and strength. These hollow blocks are designed to be stacked with one another. Here are some common applications for this invaluable material:

  • Fences. If you prefer a solid fence that is durable, a CMU block fence can be installed around your house. You can then choose to finish it off with a smooth layer of cement or mortar, tiles, or bricks.

  • Walls. Walls are meant to protect a certain area. To have the optimum protection, either from outside dangers or environmental elements, these should be built with sturdy and long-lasting materials, such as the CMU block.

Exterior and Interior walls

CMU blocks are mostly used in building interior and exterior walls. At Stevens Construction Company, we see to it that our work meets construction standards to ensure safety in an area. Poorly built CMU block walls can result in cracks and collapse of a structure.

As mentioned, this material can be used for various types of walls. It can be used for partition walls, which are usually built to separate areas in your home or used to create individual rooms.

Another application of this concrete masonry unit is in building retaining walls. These are built to prevent soil erosion and for aesthetic purposes. They are commonly built in a landscaped area. Concrete blocks are also used to build boundary walls and fire walls.

CMU Block Type and Designs

CMU Block We offer various types of the CMU block that can be used for different construction projects. We have the standard CMU blocks which are plain faced and available in 8 inches x 8 inches x 16 inches.

Other types that we can install in your property include split-face, scored, ribbed, honed, glazed and offset blocks. Each has its own function and characteristics. Split blocks, for example, are recommended for exterior walls; while the glazed blocks are used for areas that require an enhanced look.

If you are unsure about which type to choose, we can provide you with more information based on your project type and requirements.

Experts in CMU Block Installation

There are some projects that may allow installation of the CMU block in a DIY manner. However, for a larger project, a professional should be contacted. A professional contractor can guarantee the durability and strength of your construction project. Don't take chances. Let us do the installation. Our masons possess high-level of expertise when it comes to CMU block installation.

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