Patio Covers

Our company proudly serves the various cities and towns in California. We have been providing landscaping and construction services to countless satisfied homeowners in these areas. Among our premium services that we can deliver with utmost proficiency is the installation of patio covers. No matter what size or design you decide to go for, our expert installers will give you a superior and hassle-free construction to make your patio a better place to be in.

Benefits of Patio Covers

Patio Covers Although patio covers are probably the most inexpensive home improvement project, they still provide various benefits to the homeowners. Here are some of them:

  • Extended Living Space. Your house may already have an existing patio, but installing a cover will turn it into an extended space for certain family activities, which will not be possible with an open or uncovered patio. You can turn it into a kitchen, an extra room, or simply a shaded area of your home.

  • Shade and UV Protection. Do you need an open and well-ventilated area without having to suffer from the scorching heat of the sun? Then patio covers can provide you with the best shade and protection you need. There are certain designs and technological advances that can be incorporated into a patio cover. Some of them have features that allow adjustment of the cover to ensure only the right amount of light will pass through the patio. This is a great way to stay cool under the sun and stay dry under the rain.

  • Privacy. With patio covers, you can still enjoy sceneries outdoors without compromising your privacy. You can enjoy gentle breeze or a bit of sunshine while keeping your privacy from neighbors and passersby.

Types of Patio Covers

Our company does not only offer wide range of designs for these covers. Clients can also choose the type of material for their patio covers. We will discuss with them the various options available, like aluminum, vinyl, wood, and steel. These materials have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it is very important to choose the perfect type for the patio. Some factors to consider include the size, design, and shade requirements

Our Patio Cover Installation

Patio Covers There are various uses and benefits with having patio covers installed. Regardless of your preferences or needs, Stevens Construction Company can deliver exceptional service from conceptualization to design and up to installation. We even provide warranties to our installed patio covers. It is our assurance to every client that we are confident in our work.

Whether you are in Chula Vista, Rancho Del Ray, or Huntington Beach, you can always enjoy outdoors without suffering from the scorching heat of the sun. Stevens Construction Company has the perfect patio cover that will be perfect for any type and design of patio.

Call us now to get a free estimate and briefing on patio cover prices, available designs, types of materials, and installation costs. You deserve the best outdoor living experience with a well-shaded and covered patio.